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Our Guide to Renting Student Accommodation in Newcastle

For many of you reading this, it will be the first time you’ve rented a property with your friends. To help you, we have compiled a list of useful tips and information to consider before you sign a tenancy agreement...

Students Frequently Asked Questions

Renting a property can be complex, why not give us a call or pop to our office and let us help accommodate you?

For a student tenancy the holding deposit is equivalent one weeks rent. Once paid we will contact the landlord and take the property off the market subject to references. Once the let is fully approved this amount will be deducted from your final moving in balance.

This is for the purposes of tenant identification, this number could also be used to trace an absent tenant in the event we can can’t get hold of you at a forwarding address post tenancy.

Each student will be required to provide a UK based guarantor. A guarantor is a person (usually a parent or guardian) undertaking to guarantee the commitment made by their child/ward (The Student) under the terms of the tenancy agreement. The student is agreeing to a joint and several agreement and therefore, the guarantor is agreeing to guarantee a joint and several agreement also. If for any reason this cannot be provided then generally, full payment of rent for the fixed term in advance would be required.

Where there is more than one tenant signing an agreement, all tenants are ‘jointly and severally’ liable. This means that each of the individuals making up the Tenant can be held responsible for the agreement and paying of rent and not just a share of it. Be sure about the people that you agree to share with as if they fail to pay the rent, you can also be held liable.

The landlord is responsible for internal and external repairs to the property where the tenant is not at fault. The tenant is responsible for any breakages incurred and the upkeep and cleanliness of the property during the term of the tenancy.

If the property is managed by Acorn Properties you would call our maintenance team and we will arrange the necessary repairs on the landlord’s behalf. If the property is managed directly by the landlord you would report any issues directly to them. You can find all of your landlord’s contact details on the 2nd page of your tenancy agreement.

If your property is managed by Acorn Properties- rent will be paid to us directly and we will supply you with the necessary details in order to set up your standing order. If your property is managed by the landlord directly, we will supply you with details of the landlords nominated bank account where rent payments are to be made. It is the responsibility of the Tenant to ensure an instruction is set up with your bank for appropriate rent payments.

We do not allow pets on any student tenancies.

As a tenant you are responsible for insuring your own possessions and contents within the property. It is also advisable to take out cover for accidental damage to the landlords belongings. Your landlord is responsible for insuring the building. We can assist with tenant insurance if required, just ask.

You can pay online on our website via secure trading, you can pay in person at our office or if it’s easier you can call us and pay over the telephone by debit or credit card.

Unless otherwise specified, it is the responsibility of the individuals making up the role of Tenant to ensure that payment of all utility bills are made during the term of the agreement.

This forms part of your tenancy agreement and has been written in conjunction with Northumbria Police and the local universities. It is an agreement to live within the confines of the law and relates to noise disturbance and anti-social behaviour in the community.

If for some reason one of your group is not able to continue with a tenancy, this does not mean that we cannot proceed. You would have to find a replacement. If a tenancy agreement has already been signed, everybody is still contractually bound by the terms of the agreement until another has been signed. Once a replacement has been found and references completed, they can be added to the agreement and the other person removed. You must understand that if you sign an agreement and a final person cannot be found by the time the tenancy starts, you are bound by the terms and the full rent for the property will remain to be due. Note, fees may be applicable to the Tenant if they wish to make changes to the agreement once signed.

If the tenant is a full-time student, they are exempt from paying this for the period of their studies, but it is their responsibility to prove their status to the City Council. Note, where there is a mix of students tenants and professional tenants, the professional may be liable for paying Council Tax.

Depending on the total rent of the property you will sign an Assured Shorthold Tenancy or a Contractual Agreement. The majority of agreements have the requirement of joint and several liability, meaning that you (and guarantors, if applicable) are all responsible for all the rent. If one fails to pay, the burden falls to the others jointly to make up any shortfall.

This information can be found in your tenancy agreement under ‘prescribed information’ or in a separate document sent to you, again titled ‘prescribed information’.

For our managed properties we have an out of office hour's emergency number for our tenants to call. This can be found on our office answer phone when the office is closed. If the matter is extremely urgent you should first contact the emergency services by calling 999. You can find information about your local policing teams at

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