Tenants Step by Step Guide to Renting a Property


Step 1 – Property Match

When considering a property to rent, you first need to think about the geographic area in which you would like to live. Whether it be close to local amenities such as schools, a town centre, specific bus routes or motorways, or easy access to your place of work.

You then need to work out how much rent you would be able to afford to pay per month (this does not include council tax and utility bills!) and also how many bedrooms you will require.


Step 2 – Arranging a viewing

Once you have found a property you like, you will need to arrange a viewing.

My Property Box have viewing times available between 9:00am – 5:15pm on weekdays and between 10:00am and 2:00pm on Saturdays. You can arrange a viewing by calling our office on 01325 582 101 or emailing us directly. You can also enquire about properties through our website, where you can request a call to arrange viewings or further information on any of our properties.


Step 3 – Securing your new home

Once you have viewed the property you are interested in and have negotiated on any special requests, you will then need to pay an application fee to secure the property. By paying the application fee you are securing the property, this allows My Property Box to take the property off the market and cancel any further viewings.

Following that we need to make sure you are in full time employment. If you are not in full time employment you would require a guarantor, and we would also need to check if the landlord would accept housing benefits as rent for that particular property. A guarantor must be in full time permanent employment themselves and must own their own home, or have been renting in the same property for more than 2 years. Once the application fee is paid, we email or post the application forms immediately. We are able to hold the property for 28 days after an application fee has been paid.


Step 4 – Application

You will need to make sure your application forms are filled in completely, and with all the relevant and correct information. The application would need to include current landlord details and employment details. If you are unemployed, the guarantor would also need to fill in a form from us.

All applicants would need to provide us with photo ID, and this also applies to the guarantor. This would need to be a passport or driving license and birth certificate.

We run credit checks on all applicants with My Property Box. If you are unemployed you would also need to provide proof of how much benefit you would be receiving and also your guarantor must also provide proof that they are a homeowner.

Once everything has been cleared and checked, it’s time to move in!


Step 5 – Moving in

Once a moving date is agreed, you will need to make sure you have your first months rent and bond ready to pay to be able to collect the keys.

We can either sign all of the relevant documents online with DocuSign or all applicants would have to meet us at the property to sign the paperwork. This includes the tenancies, DPS, Inventory, How to Rent Guide, CP12 and letters to say you have working smoke alarms in the property.


You need you make sure you keep all documents in a safe place.

The DPS will send you a deposit ID via email which you would need to keep as this secures your bond.

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