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The Tenant Matchmaker

At My Property Box we are on hand to achieve one goal: to help you get your property rented and off the market. We strongly believe the key to a healthy business relationship is having the right tools, staff and commitment to help you, we therefore work tirelessly to make the perfect tenant match for your property!

If you have problems with commitment then don’t worry, we offer full rental services for your perspective tenant and they can find short term rental agreements upon our website.

We are masters in the art of match-making and love nothing more than helping you find a solution.

What do we mean by perfect match?

A perfect match is our term for when we pair the right property with the right tenant. We believe that getting this correct leads to more tenancy agreements being completing, with minimal complication. Our experience, track record and strength of brand puts us in the perfect position to achieve the best tenant for your property

How do we match properties and tenants?

We specialise in matching the perfect property with its perfect tenant, every time. We believe that every property deserves a loving tenant, and every tenant deserves to be in a home they love. At My Property Box we take the time to find the right person for your property, to ensure that you have consistent and continual returns on your investment.

We take into account everything you are looking for in your tenants and will match your property accordingly. From specific requirements such as if you allow Dss or pets, to how long you wish the tenancy to go on for, we match to your specifications and ensure you get the right tenant, every time.

Your Online Property Portal

It’s easy to manage your property online

With your own landlord portal, you are able to securely manage your tenancy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world. You wouldn’t choose a bank account without online banking would you? It’s important to be able to check on your assets, so it makes sense that you would choose a letting agent who is forward thinking and digitally savvy, offering you an online portal with total visibility over your tenancy. Ask us about accessing your own online Property Portal!

How do I find my perfect match?

Call us today to arrange a no obligation chat with one of our professionals should you require any further information or assistance with finding a tenant for your property.

Place your property with My Property Box and you will have all the reassurance that your property is being marketed and managed by real experts in the field.

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